PEDIGREE: DV 6497 842 2016
PEDIGREE: 2014 DV 6362 541
PEDIGREE: DV 6497 856 2016
PEDIGREE: 2013 NL 1922994
PEDIGREE: 2015 DV 06362 1507
PEDIGREE: 2015_BELG_2312963
PEDIGREE: 2016_DV_6497_885


From Stan Gawel’s Racing Pigeons Collection

The Janssen Brothers bloodlines need no further introduction, as their proven bloodlines are winning constantly over the years. Our own collection was purchased and acquired from the best in the world and their youngsters are always race tested at Stan Gawel Lofts, futurity races and other high stakes One Loft Races. Our primary goal is to further develop and improve their winning bloodlines year after year.